About Me

I am a UKCP registered therapist, accredited supervisor and experienced trainer. I have a broad range of clinical expertise gained over a number of years as a consultant psychological therapist in the NHS and through experience in other public and voluntary sector agencies, educational institutions and private practice. I work with a broad range of clients and presenting problems. My professional training and NHS experience means that I am qualified to provide time-limited and evidence –based therapies alongside longer term counselling and psychotherapy requiring an integrated knowledge of cognitive, psychodynamic and systemic approaches. I currently have a particular interest in IPT(Interpersonal Therapy) which is recommended by NICE as an alternative to CBT for depression but can also be helpful for a wide range of difficulties.

Rose Gardner Therapist

How I Work

I aim to provide therapy that is both time and cost sensitive.

I meet with you for an initial consultation and make sure that I fully understand your situation and what you want to achieve before suggesting a particular type and length of therapy . In some cases it might be appropriate for us to meet for a few sessions and complete a more in depth assessment before deciding on the most appropriate option.


IPT (Interpersonal Therapy)

IPT is a short term therapy which usually takes place over 16 – 20 sessions.  It is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) as a therapy for depression but has also been found to be helpful for a wide range of presenting problems. It is a change oriented and supportive form of therapy which can be readily adapted to the particular needs of individual clients.

IPT draws on evidence which highlights the way in which the quality of a person’s interpersonal relationships and social support networks are closely associated with their psychological well being. For example, difficulties within or loss of a significant interpersonal relationship (or relationships) may initially contribute to the onset of emotional stress or psychological symptoms. In turn this has a negative impact on  interpersonal functioning which leads to further difficulty in getting support and help from others. The problem then worsens and the situation can become a vicious circle.

IPT focuses on the interpersonal context which is most closely associated with the onset and maintenance of problems, symptoms, stressful situations or difficult life events. It aims to help people understand the ways in which their particular difficulties are both affected by and have an impact on  their relationships with others , to improve interpersonal functioning and to maximise their capacity to get the most from their available help and support.

TLDP (Time Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy)

TLDP is a short term evidence-based form of psychodynamic therapy which is suitable for a wide range of common problems and presenting problems.  It can also be a helpful alternative to longer term therapy for people with more longstanding difficulties such as persistent conflict in important relationships, repeated frustrations in establishing satisfying relationships or other issues related to unresolved childhood trauma. TLDP focuses on here and now problems but also enables people to understand and change the ingrained repetitive patterns of relating to other people which may stem from the past but are causing difficulties in the present.